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Protek is well known for its multi-meters with over 30 years of experience in making these products. Protek meters are widely spread in the educational and industrial markets globally.
  Protek 1680LC Hand/held Leakage Current Tester
The Protek1680LC Leakage Current Clamp Meter is specifically designed for online measurement of AC leakage current at voltages below 600V. With CT & digital integration technology, there is no metal conductor outside the clamp, which makes non-contact testing possible. It is widely used in the fields of electricity, communication, meteorology, railway, oilfield, construction, measurement, science and research, industry and mining. The Protek 1680LC is a compact size, wide clamp diameter of 68фmm, high accuracy and efficiency, which is essential for the safety test of electric technicians.
  Protek 1240C Hand/held Ground Earth Clamp Tester
Clamp Type high performance earth resistance meter "Protek 1240C Series" is mainly used for electric power, telecommunication, meteorological, oil field, architectural and industrial electric equipment, facility measurement. "Protek1240C" is a products that can measure the circuit grounding system without separating the ground deflector without a separate auxiliary electrode, and can make its own measurement through the integral value of the grounding resistance of the main body and the grounding lead resistance.
  Protek 9216B Bench top LCR Meter
High technology & quality circuit design and concentrating essence of LCR Test, Protek-9216B is a new generation compact LCR Meter of low cost and high performance. Also of traditional mechanical power switch, it New Software control power switch. The basic accuracy of 0.05% and good test stability can compare favorably with that high-end model. Being equipped with 4.3" inch TFT LCD Display and brand new interface system, Protek-9216B LCR Meter possess elegant appearance and easy operation. Also, being provided with various interfaces and good compatibility with SCPI commands, Protek-9216B LCR Meter is convenient for constituting all kinds of test system and satisfy various kinds of demands for inspection and scientific research.
  Protek D705T
Protek gives customers various range of handheld DMM to select upon requirement.
  Protek 4000 Bench top Digital Multi meter
The New "Protek 4000” 4½ Digital Multimeter is a remarkably improved multimeter with a sample design and a 51,000 counts & high accuracy of 0.02% and high-speed measurement. A high-brightness VDF dual display with excellent measurement efficiency makes the measurement parameters clearly visible to the user. This New "Protek 4000" has significantly improved the internal SMD to differentiate it from the existing model, and it is a low cost, high efficiency model which provides various SCPI communication condition through RS-232C and USB Interface etc.
  Analog Muti Meter
260TR– With a reputation built up over 30 years of multimeter production, Protek continues to provide reliable and cost effective analogue multimeters to the market. (Discontinued : 2010BA/3030S/5050E)
  Protek 307
4,000 counts clamp meters that measure AC and DC up to 1000A. Provides 40 segments bargraph and true RMS.
  Protek 9216A
9216A is a useful tool to measure a device’s characteristics with various functions. It provides more than 13 orders of magnitude, basic accuracy of 0.05% and 5 test frequencies.