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Developed Digital interface RFPA for Extremity MRI


Developed 2.1GHz/900MHz Single Band ICS Repeater for Japan

Developed 800+1900MHz Dual Band ICS Repeater

Developed 700+800MHz Dual Band Public Safety Repeater for North America


Developed ICS Repeater for Japan

Developed 1900MHz Single Band ICS Repeater for North America

Established GS Instech Co., Ltd.

Selected as Best Cooperative Company by the National Commission for Corporate Partnership
Selected as a partner company for Samsung Public Safety Network System
Selected as a vendor for SKT Public Safety Trial Service
Selected as Global Hidden Champion candidate by the SMBA (Small and Medium Business Administration)
Acquired INNO-BIZ (Technology Innovation) Certificate
Certified as Best HRD company by the government
Participated in Industrial Education (National Competency Standards) Program and certified by the government
Developed free space optic wireless transmission equipment (FSO)
Developed preventive diagnose system for GIS (gas insulated switch gear)
Developed 4.4GHz hand held spectrum analyzer (A734)
Developed RF repeaters for LTE (Trio-M, Trio-MM, Trio-L)
Developed software configurable radio repeater for PCS, iDEN, LTE (SmartCell)
Developed optic repeater for LTE service (MiBOS)
Developed digital multi meter (D705) for electric and electronic use
Certified as Vision Enterprise (Incheon City)
Win-win partnership agreed between big, medium and small company for deployment of 4G LTE
Developed MHR(Multi Hop Relay) with LG-Ericsson
Made contract with the client for development and purchase of AMOS
(Aerodrome Meteorological Observation System)
Developed 8GHz Network Analyzer (A338)
A333 has been certified Excellent Quality Product by Korean Public Procurenment Service (PPS)
Made contract with the client ILS and Aviation for Field Test Set production
A333 had certified a NEP(New Excellent Product) by Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
A333 Network Analyzer won Ministry of Knowledge Economy Korea Technology Award
A333 Network Analyzer won Good Design Award
Chosen again as a national calibration center (no. KLO036)
Completed development of Tracking Generator
Acquired GST telecommunication dep.
Developed Handheld Spectrum Analyzer Protek-7830
Developed Wi-MAX 5W AMP for ZTE
Developed DUO-LIF PAM
Developed Mobile communication experimentation kit
Agreement with Mokwon Uni. for internship
Developed WiBro 60W AMP
Developed AMP SF-C20, C60, W20 for SKT repeater
Developed Nortel WibBro 35W AMP for ZTE
Developed WCDMA 10W AMP for ZTE
Inauguration of CEO An Chang-don
Chosen as priority negotiator in the take-over contract from GS Teletech Ltd.
Completed development of LPA for IMT-2000 base station
Sold alternative energy and satellite receiver businesses
Developed and started producing LPA for CDMA 1X base station
Moved into the internet business (Video Search Engine and Editing Service)
Founded MI Tech, Ltd, a measuring equipment subsidiary
Chosen as a core technology development company in IMT-2000 by SK Telecom
Developed Spectrum Analyzer, wireless paging amplifier, CDMA HPA, CATV Set Top Box, RF-3200, CDMA Repeater, PCS, CDMA LPA, GSM LPA, Digital Satellite Receiver, CDMA fiber optic , and obtained ISO14001 authentication
Opened localized Germany company and Localized China company
Increased capital to 11.5 billion won, Localized China company opens
Made contract with Netherland-based Phillips for Oscilloscope OEM
Developed and exported Analog Satellite Receiver, communication related power, CRT Read Out Oscilloscope,
Expened the localized US company, Tokyo branch
Developed and exported Analog Satellite Receiver (Satellite transmitter/receiver)
Developed and produced Digital Storage Oscilloscope and communication related power
Technical partnership with Japanese AARON; produced and exported Oscilloscope
Technical cooperation agreement with Tsubame,Japan for manufacturing variable resistors
Construction of second plant completed(in the 6th complex of Juan Industrial Complex, Incheon)
Heung Chang Products Co, LTD founded