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GSI's technology head for world best. From the early stage we estabished USA corporation and have been making worldwide marketing activity. We are continuously challenging to improve GSI's brand as global one.

21C Creativity Management - GSI

To be a world class enterprise, creative idea which breaks stereotype is essential, since creativity starts from breaking the fixed idea.
With a fresh view, developing the new product and launching before others do ? which decide success or fail of 21 century’s company ? that is 'Creativity Management'

Lead to the future with advanced technology - GSI

In this fast growing IT society, technology is the competing power. To win the victory, the company need to preoccupy the market with more advanced technology than others.

Until now, the driving force of GSI’s development is also advanced technology. Therefore we will continuously invest to R&D to recruit and raise human resources and develop the new technology. That will be the power to make people happy, we believe.

Always thinking about human - GSI

GSI focus on the product that makes people happy from the planning stage. We take care of our customer before they request and respect our staff’s foresight.


Knowlege Power that Energizes GSI

In this IT environment, knowledge is the best power, so GSI invest more than 10% of revenue to R&D section.
20% of GSI’s staff is engineer for R&D

All our R&D staff have been doing their best to make world best product with new technology Future Communication, Future Energy....,

Reaching beyond the laboratory product research and development

To meet the various and professionalized customer’s needs, GSI interconnect all activities of information gathering, management, manufacturing with R&D and automatic production..

Our efforts will last to provide better product with best service in the office, production line and customer’s site.