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A cavity filter is a core component of the telecommunication network by blocking unnecessary signals and passing required signals. GSI proudly possesses various line-ups of products such as Band Pass Filter, Combining Filters, and High Band Rejection Filters with 3G and 4G WiMAX technologies.
  Duplexer for WCDMA band
Model No.: GS-DB2140-18GU
  4-Plexer for iDEN/ GSM & DCS band
Model No.: GS-4M937-18JU
  6-Plexer for GSM & PCS band
Model No.: GS-6M1920-60KT
  7-Plexer for IDEN & PCS band
Model No.: GS-7M1920-65KT
  Diplexer for 3.x GHz band
Model No.: GS-D3675-50HS
  4-Plexer for GSM band
Model No.: GS-D938-18KS