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Digital Storage Oscilloscope
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Oscilloscopes are one of the most widely used electronic equipment that allows the user to observe the exact waveforms of an electrical signal. Digital storage oscilloscopes use analogue-to-digital converters to process the analogue signal and display it on screen, and uses digital memory to store data without degradation.
  Protek 5000E Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope
The New Protek 5000E Series greatly improved the performance more than previous products and added Convenience to make it convenient for the user. It is equipped with powerful 32Mpts memory compared to the same spec's other oscilloscope that goes beyond simple commercialization improvement. And it has a fast waveform capture rate of 150,000wfms/s and is a competitive products that can be used in a wide range application, from the educational institutions to industries, personal DIY, and hobbies.
  8000 Series Digital Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
The New Protek 8000 Series consist of two types of Line-up. The first line-up is recommended for efficient and practical use. It offers clean & fast signal analysis, 8-inch or 9-inch High Define resolution display, high memory of 28Mpts or 280Mpts for every channel, basic serial BUS decoding and 16-Channel digital signal analysis and arbitrary function generator. It is a reasonable products that can be effectively used in various measurement environments.