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Protek product line includes a wide selection of generators from Sweep Function Generator to Arbitrary function Generator. We provide customers a variety to chose from with dependable performance and reliability
  Protek GD-2000N Series DDS Function Generator
The New Protek GD-2000N Series is a multifunctional signal generator that combines functions such as function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, pulse generator, harmonic generator, analog / digital modulator, and frequency counter. It is convenient and easy to generate a clear signal with accurate signal output, also offers a complete dual output, fast sampling rate of 500MSa/s, arbitrary waveform of 32Mpts, and 8 inch large-sized display for easy interface and application developers.
  Protek 9205C
Protek sweep functon generator provide Sine, triangle, square, pulse, ramp waveforms. Sweep function generator with VCG input and DC offset function.
  Protek GD-1000N Series DDS Function Generator
- DDS Digital synthesis technology - 3.5" TFT Color LCD Display - 200MSa/s Max Sampling Rates, 14bit Resolution - Sine, Pulse, Square, Ramp, Noise, Arb in 33kinds of waveforms - Modulations ( AM, FM, ASK, FSK, PSK, Sweep, Burst ) - Dual Output Ports - Plug & Play USB Device, RS-232 Interface(Option)
  Protek 9301
Protek generators are precise test instruments that are designed by Direct Digital Synthesis system, and can output standard waveforms and arbitrary waveforms. It is widely used by electronic engineers in electronic labs, production lines, education and research.