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GSI is specialized in Customization to provide Cost Effective solutions to our customers. GSI proudly possesses various lineups of products for Base Station Solution including 2G, 3G, 4G mobile networks. Highly qualified manpower, permanent investments in research and development studies, new technology help us to be one of the world’s recognized leaders in this business fields.
  Remote Radio Head 4G
Remote Radio Head is an equipment used in wireless telecom systems. This type of equipment will be used in all wireless technologies like GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE. As this Radio equipment is remote to the BTS/NodeB/eNodeB, It is called Remote Radio Head. These equipments will be used to extend the coverage of a BTS/NodeB/eNodeB like rural areas or tunnels. They are generally connected to the BTS/NodeB/eNodeB via a fiber optic cable using Common Public Radio Interface protocols.
Femtocell is a low power wireless access point that operates in licenced spectrum and connects standard mobile operator's networks using residential DSL or cable broadband connections.
  TMB (Tower Mounted Booster)
TMB (Tower Mounted MCPA Booster) systems are designed to improve communication coverage/service quality and customer satisfaction for mobile handset users in coverage areas such as metropolis, urban areas, high density areas. BTS Cell are target candidates for installation. TMB systems provides a high performance network upgrade solution for highly capital-intensive options.TMB systems provide a versatile solution to several common cellular-network problems.
  TMA (Tower Mounted Amplifier)
TMA system is designed to enhance the uplink path for an existing mobile netoworks. As well it will improve cost-effectiveness of initial Network roll-out (due to reduced number of cell sites) by the addition of a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) at the antenna and high selectivity duplexers which enables the TX/RX RF RF signals to pass from BTS to Antennas with low loss.
  Cavity Combiners
Cavity Combiner is a passive device that combines two or more signals into a common port to increase its transmission efficiency. In radar and radio communications systems, it is a device that isolates the receiver from the transmitter while permitting them to share a common antenna and feeder cable so that network providers reduce CAPEX and OPEX. GSI have experienced, engineered, designed, and tuned to minimize insertion losses and VSWR being capable of handling the output power of the transmitters.
  High Band Rejection Filters
Band Rejection filters are designed circuits that prevent the passage of signals within a specified band of frequencies and In signal processing, it passes most frequencies unaltered so that the Interference problem with adjacent bands owing to close-guard band is cleared to improve system performance and operate stably.
A diplexer is a passive device that implements frequency domain multiplexing. The chief advantage of a diplexer is that it allows two different devices to share a common communications channel. Diplexers are used to connect two receivers inside a building to two antennas that are some distance away using a single cable. Alternatively, two transmitters might connect to two antennas. A diplexer is called a duplexer when it connects a receiver and transmitter to the same antenna. In that case, the antenna is part of the multiplexed communications channel, so only one diplexer is needed.